Weezer, "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To"

It seems fair to say that Weezer's musical phases stem directly from the identity crises of its eccentric frontman, Rivers Cuomo. But even as the Los Angeles quartet has shifted from '90s geek-rock to cultish breakup laments and then to glossy power pop, its sense of humor has remained consistent. On the first single from Weezer's October album (the amusingly titled "Raditude"), the now-veteran band continues to channel youthful nostalgia, this time through references to the movie "Titanic" and jokes about meatloaf. The song's upbeat rhythm recalls the '80s top 40 hit "Walking on Sunshine," exuding a catchy excitement that feels almost plastic but is still undeniable. It's also similar to the band's self-titled and somewhat overproduced 2008 release. The self-deprecating lines about being shy around women, however, are quintessential Cuomo. --Jillian Mapes