The Bravery Darker, Angrier On 'Slow Poison'

Brantley Gutierrez
The Bravery

The Bravery's third album -- "Slow Poison," due out Nov. 10 -- will be "darker and angrier" than its predecessors, according to frontman Sam Endicott. But it's not a wholesale reinvention of the band, either.

"I'd say it's more like the first record (in 2005) in that there's a lot of electronics on it, but it still sounds very human," Endicott tells "It's also like the first record in that it's a party album. It's uptempo, fun music, although it does have a range of things. There are slower, dreamy songs, and our bass player (Mike Hindert) wrote a song ('She Is So Bendable') that sounds like a '50s ballad or something."

The Bravery started working on its follow-up to 2007's sophomore effort "The Sun and the Moon" in October of 2008, working up songs in an abandoned church in rural upstate New York. The group then returned to Manhattan to work with co-producer John Hill (M.I.A., Santigold). "He taught us a lot of ways to manipulate synthesizers and guitars in a way that we had never done before, so the album sounds spacier," Endicott explains.

The group also road-tested some of the material during its summer jaunt opening for Green Day. "We did a lot more of that with the second record; we did secret shows and played small venues...and came back and changed everything," Endicott recalls. "With this album I think the songs at their heart work better live, so when we got out there it just felt really good."

The Bravery just finished mixing "Slow Poison" -- whose title track is the set's first single -- in time to start an eight-week tour on Friday in Las Vegas. The road trip wraps Nov. 11, the day after the album is released, in Vancouver, and Endicott says the band's plans after that are currently up in the air.

"I think we`ll play it by ear," he says. "We did a tremendous amount of touring for both of our first two records, and we enjoy touring but it limits the things that you can do, like write new songs or make videos or whatever else. So I think we`ll probably tour less for this album so that we can have more time off tour to create things. But we`ll see. We`ll just take it as it comes."