David Guetta Scores Euro Chart Double

David Guetta Scores Euro Chart Double

French DJ-artist David Guetta pulls off a pan-European chart double, rising 2-1 on European Top 100 Albums with "One Love" and starting a second week atop European Hot 100 Singles with "Sexy Chick" (Gum/Positiva/Virgin/EMI), featuring Akon.

"One Love" holds at No. 2 in France, No. 3 in the United Kingdom and No. 7 in Portugal, rising 4-3 in Ireland and Austria. It's down 1-2 in the Belgian region of Wallony. "Sexy Chick," meanwhile, is up 2-1 in that market and back up 3-2 in both Austria and the United Kingdom, where it topped the chart last month; it holds at No. 2 in France, Denmark and Ireland and climbs 6-4 in Sweden, 10-8 in Finland and 10-9 in Switzerland.

Whitney Houston's "I Look To You" (Arista/RCA/Sony Music Entertainment) thus drops back a place from its No. 1 start on the composite album chart last week. It's still No. 1 in Italy and debuts at No. 1 in Holland, climbing 25-9 in Wallony, but drops 1-5 in Germany, 1-4 in Switzerland and 3-10 in France. The U.K. release of the album is not until Oct. 19.

Michael Jackson's "King of Pop" (Epic/Sony Music Entertainment) is back up 5-3 overall, steady at No.2 in Italy and Austria and at No. 4 in Germany. Arctic Monkeys' "Humbug" (Domino), which started at No. 1 on Top 100 Albums two weeks ago, is now down 3-4, falling 1-4 in the United Kingdom.

As the Beatles' remastered Apple/EMI catalog makes its mark across Europe, the top-charting title across the region as a whole is the stereo box set of every album, which comes in at No. 5. That's after debuting at No. 3 in Flanders, No. 7 in Wallony and No. 24 in the United Kingdom. Two individual titles make the collective top 20: "Abbey Road," at No. 12, and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" at No. 13. "Pepper" sells 17,000 for a No. 5 U.K. entry, just ahead of "Road" at No. 6 on 16,000.

Black Eyed Peas' "The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies)" (Interscope/Universal) is down 4-6 on the aggregate chart, although it holds at No. 9 in Portugal. Semino Rossi's "Die Liebe Bleibt" (Koch) holds at No. 7 overall, resting at No. 1 in Austria and No. 2 in Germany but falling 6-8 in Switzerland.

Up 11-8 on Top 100 Albums is "We'll Meet Again - The Very Best of Vera Lynn" (Decca/Universal). It rises 2-1 in the United Kingdom on weekly sales of 32,000, making the "Forces' Sweetheart" of World War II, now aged 92, the oldest artist to have a best-selling album there. German pop band Pur's No. 1 start in its home country with the new album "W√ľnsche" (Capitol) propels it to a No. 9 overall debut, while Lady Gaga's "The Fame" (Interscope/Universal) slips 6-10 Europe-wide.