Video: Living Colour Talk 'Chair In The Doorway'

The cult of personality continues in 2009, as purveyors of hard funk-rock Living Colour return with "The Chair In The Doorway" - the band's first set of new material in nearly six years. Out last week on Megaforce Records, the eleven song set was recorded in numerous locations over the last few years, with a majority of the sessions taking place at Sono Studios outside of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Living Colour's guitar virtuoso Vernon Reid and singer Corey Glover stopped by Billboard's studios to talk about the new album, how the music business has changed since they began recording as a band, and how the their classic track, "Cult of Personality," can be reconsidered in the age of Obama.

We were talking about the cult of personality around Ronald Reagan, so it's always weird when people talk about the Age of Obama and 'Cult of Personality' and the Cult of Personality around Barack Obama," explains Glover. "You could look at it at in so many different ways and from so many different perspectives that it loses it's meaning after a while. And for us, when we play it, we're not thinking about the Age of Obama, we're thinking about us."