Madonna Exclusive Sticky & Sweet Tour Video: 'Into The Groove'

Madonna's U.K. Chart 'Celebration'

Millions of Madonna fans -- 3.5 million at 85 shows in 32 countries, to be exact -- were lucky enough to witness the pop star's record-breaking Sticky & Sweet Tour live before it wrapped in September. But there are still millions more who never saw the show, which until now, hasn't been broadcast for fans at home.


That will change on Friday (Oct. 30), though, when the new multi-platform channel EPIX debuts a concert from Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour for television and online viewers. But exclusively on, you can watch one song from the special right now: Madonna performing her 1985 hit "Into the Groove" and showing off her impressive double dutch jump roping skills.

Video Above: An exclusive clip of Madonna performing "Into The Groove" in Buenos Aires. The full show will air on the EPIX television channel and on Oct. 30.

The EPIX broadcast was put together using footage of Madonna's historic four-night stand at Buenos Aires' River Plate Stadium on Dec. 4-8, 2008. In addition to being a mainstay on the Sticky & Sweet setlist, "Into the Groove" is featured on Madonna's new greatest hits set "Celebration," which was released on Sept. 28 and debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

Sticky & Sweet is the top-grossing tour by a solo artist of all-time, with a total gross of $408 million according to Billboard Boxscore. That shatters a previous record of $194 million, which was grossed by none another than Madonna with her 2006 Confessions tour.

When stacked up against tours by any act -- solo or group -- the Sticky & Sweet tour comes in second only to the Rolling Stones, who grossed $558 million with their Bigger Bang tour of 2005-2007.

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour will also vie for Top Tour Honors at the 2009 Billboard Touring Awards on Nov. 5 in New York. The trek is up against AC/DC's Black Ice tour and U2's 360 tour.