Video: Jason Derulo Talks "Whatcha Say"

Jason Derulo

"I told my mom, 'Ma, I'm going to be better than Michael Jackson,'' singer Jason Derulo, recently told Billboard. "When I saw him [Michael Jackson] for the first time was when I knew that's what I wanted to do. From then on, my goal in life was to express myself through song and to showcase it to the world." And now, with his current single "Whatcha Say," poised at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, Derulo is doing just that.

"I have an insatiable desire to to really take over the world with my music," the 20-year-old said when he stopped by for a video interview. Once cameras were rolling, Derulo did some a capellas singing and talked about sampling Imogen Heap on his new hit, working with P. Diddy and Sean Kingston, how he hopes his collaboration with producer J.R. Rotem becomes like Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson, and why being a songwriter is like "giving away my babies." The Florida native also divulged details of his forthcoming self-titled debut album, which he says he'll be creating from a pool of 300 songs he's written over the last eight months.

Video above: Jason Derulo interviewed by, presented in HD.