John Fogerty Returning To Signature Sound

John Fogerty Returning To Signature Sound

Now that he's revisited the rootsy country and early rock terrain of his first-post Creedence Clearwater Revival days on "The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again," John Fogerty says he's ready to start sounding like, well, John Fogerty again.

"I really feel that the next recording project will probably certainly be rock 'n' roll and my traditional rock 'n' roll sounding vibe," Fogerty tells "That's kind of what I do best, and that's certainly what I'm known for, and as a kid that's what I spent most of my time doing."

Fogerty says he's already working on new material more in the vein of 2007's "Revival" and his other solo albums, adding that writing is part of the normal course of his days. "I play guitar everyday...about three hours. I'm always trying to get better," he explains. "Having a guitar in your hands all the time triggers music. It triggers creativity and it helps me write songs. So at the appropriate time I'll have enough songs to go in and make an album and you'll hear from me again."

And when might that be? "I better not say," Fogerty notes with a laugh. "That's like predicting the World Series or something. I'd rather not have that sort of pressure."

We'll be hearing plenty from him in the meantime, of course. Fogerty has just released a new DVD, "Comin' Down the Road: The Concert at Royal Albert Hall," and he kicks off a 12-date tour on Nov. 12 at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Fogerty will perform on NBC's "The Tonight Show" on Nov. 10, and he's gearing up for his Saturday appearance on PBS' "Live By Request," which starts at 9 p.m. EST, with fans asking for songs and posing questions via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Original MTV VJ Mark Goodman is serving as the host and moderator.

"It's pretty nerve-wracking, especially in this modern world," Fogerty says. "Way back in the old days, when the red light was on everything was live, and you really had to have it all together. Even the records people made in the old days, (before) multi-track, it was all done at once so everything had to be perfect, or as good as you can make it. That's what this show is going to be like. And then you add the thing that you're gonna be surprised by a request and I've got to turn around to the band and say, 'OK, here we go...'

"It's gonna be fun, though. I did it one time before, and I remember getting very keyed up for it. Certainly that's what's going to happen this time. And once it's over there's something very satisfying about interacting with the fans."