AFI Duo Ready To Go With New Blaqk Audio

Blaqk Audio

Davey Havok and Jade Puget are busy touring the world in support of AFI's latest album, "Crash Love." But Blaqk Audio, the duo's electronic-oriented alter-egos, is waiting in the wings.

Puget tells that "we actually have a Blaqk Audio album finished that we're going to release after 'Crash Love.' Whenever we're done touring on this, we'll immediately put it out."

"Bright Black Heaven," the duo's second Blaqk Audio disc, will follow 2007's "CexCells," which debuted at No. 18 on the Billboard 200 and spawned the Alternative and Dance hit "Stiff Kittens." Puget says the new album was actually ready to go before "Crash Love" but that he and Havok felt that "if all of a sudden we're doing two Blaqk Audio records in a row people will think AFI is not happening or something."

The duo "explored some different things" on "Bright Black Heaven," according to Puget, with more of a drum-and-bass influence in particular. "I write the entire song from top to bottom," Puget explains, "then send it to Davey and he writes the lyrics. We kind of keep it in the family." Havok and Puget also produced, but the mixing was done outside, by Michael Patterson. "I usually have the songs, after I'm done, mixed by someone," Puget says. "I don't want the whole thing to be so insular. I find that if someone else does the final mix they're gonna pick up stuff that you don't even realize because you're so involved in the songs yourself."

Blaqk Audio is discovering there's a bit of danger in waiting to put something out, however. Puget estimates that he's written another 70 songs for the group, so "Bright Black Heaven" could undergo some changes before its eventual release. "We'll be the first band to put out a box set for our second record," he quips.

Puget and Havok have also put the Blaqk Audio touch on some remixes, most recently for VNV Nation. AFI, meanwhile, is touring North America until Jan. 31, then heads to Australia for five Soundwave Festival dates with Paramore, Jane's Addiction, My Chemical Romance, Faith No More and others.