Video: Enrique Iglesias Breaks Down His Bilingual Hits

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias can now admit that when he released his first-ever "Greatest Hits" album back in November 2008, he wasn't fully comfortable with the idea.

"It's kind of sad," the Spanish singer recently said during an interview with in conjunction with Fuse backstage at Madison Square Garden. "I feel like I'm too young, but the record company wanted to do it. It was actually good timing, in retrospect."

Now that Iglesias has spent the bulk of 2009 touring in support of his "Greatest Hits," the singer is ready to start planning his next album of original material. "I used to do an English album and then translate one, two or three songs into Spanish," he explains, "but I got sick of that. This time I started in Spanish. There's a time when you forget where you come from, and I don't ever want to do that again."

Iglesias has always catered to his fanbase in both languages, but this time he says he may combine his English and Spanish-language material into one album. "I'm sick of separating my fans," he explains. "There's 40 million people that speak Spanish in this country, and they should be able to listen to me both ways."

He's clearly serious about his music, but when it comes to other matters, Iglesias isn't afraid to crack a few racy jokes. The star took a moment to kid around with his interviewer and plug his favorite source for online porn.

"Most of the stuff I'm doing now is like home videos…not YouTube, more YouPorn." Iglesias laughs. "You never go on porn sites? Don't lie. I mean, I do it for research...people are gonna think I'm a pervert!"