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Creed Keeps 'Circle' Spinning With 'Live' DVD, Tour

With a new DVD landing and more touring set for 2010, the members of Creed -- reunited after a nearly five-year split -- plan to keep the band a going concern for the foreseeable future.

"As long as things still just flow smoothly, I don't see why we can't," guitarist Mark Tremonti tells "Now that the record's out and the first tour's been done and everything, there haven't been any fights or disagreements...It feels good. We've been gone a long time, and we've got a lot to prove, still."

Tremonti says Creed plans to hit the road again in late April "for about a four or five-week Stateside tour of all the tertiary markets that we didn't hit last summer." The group will play in Australia, New Zealand and South America in June, then return to North America for another summer tour of mostly amphitheaters.

Creed's first studio album in eight years, "Full Circle," debuted at No. 2 on the Top 200 chart following its Oct. 27 release. On Dec. 8, the group is releasing its first-ever concert DVD, "Creed Live," a 17-song set that was filmed in Houston and set a world record for the most cameras (239) used for a live concert recording. Director Daniel E. Catullo III also used "big freeze" effects popularized by "The Matrix" film series.

"We're happy with it," Tremonti says. "I don't know how much of a difference all those cameras really made in the end...The coolest thing is we got a plaque that says we're Guinness Book of World Record holders, which is something I never thought I was going to be unless I grew my fingernails real long or something really silly."

Tremonti will not be idle while waiting for Creed to resume touring, however. He and Myles Kennedy have regrouped in Florida to continue work on the third album by Alter Bridge, the group the guitarist and Creed mates Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall formed when Creed first split. Tremonti says they hope to be ready for that band to hit the studio in February and finish before Creed heads out again. Alter Bridge is slated to tour Europe starting in October, with North American dates expected in late 2010 and 2011, followed by European festival appearances that summer.

"Me and Myles need to get on the same page with our ideas, and once we're there we'll realize what kind of work load we have," Tremonti says. "We don't have much time to spare. We feel like we're cutting it really close, but I feel like I'm very well organized at this point, which makes me feel better."