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They came, they conquered... they were never heard from again. After reaching the Hot 100's Top 10 with their very first singles, none of these acts managed to crack the Top 25 for the rest of the decade. But hey, four minutes of fame is better than nothing.

The one-hitmakers on this list have been ranked by how high their big song climbed on the chart compared to how far down the tally their subsequent highest-charting effort peaked.



J-Kwon intoxicated the airwaves with "Tipsy," scoring him the No. 2 spot in April 2004. He hasn't stumbled as high on his own since, but he did ride Bow Wow's coattails to No. 23 in April 2006 with the collaboration "Fresh Azimiz."

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Cassie strutted to No. 3 with "Me & U" in July 2006, but she floundered with "Long Way 2 Go," which only peaked at No. 97. She's been a no-show on the charts ever since.

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Lou Bega

Lou Bega's ubiquitous "Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of)" climbed to No. 3 in November 1999, and stuck around for months after peaking. But Bega hasn't flirted with the charts much since; his next-highest charting single, "Tricky, Tricky," only reached no. 74 in February 2000.

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Lil' Romeo

Cute and cuddle Lil Romero skipped all the way to No. 3 in June 2001 with "My Baby." But puberty didn't do the pint-sized rapper well; none of his solo singles have even touched the Hot 100 since.

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Lumidee promised to "Never Leave You" with her first single in August 2003, which climbed to No. 3 on the charts. She didn't keep her word. Outside of a No. 43 appearance in April 2007 with "She's Like The Wind" featuring Tony Sunshine, she hasn't visited the Hot 100 since.

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With "Lips of an Angel," Hinder soared to the No. 3 spot in October 2006. The band fell from grace shortly thereafter, only soaring as high as No. 31 with "Better Than Me" in May 2007.

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In August 2004, Kevin Lyttle, with help from Spragga Benz, lit up the charts with "Turn Me On," which peaked at No. 4. The airwaves have since turned him off, and the Caribbean crooner has yet to return to the Hot 100.

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Youngbloodz teamed up with Lil Jon on "Damn!," which rose to No. 4 in November 2003. The Hotlanta duo had much to curse about after that; they didn't go nearly as high with their next biggest hit; "Presidential" peaked at No. 81 in November 2005.

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It's a good thing Mike Shinoda has Linkin Park to fall back on. Fort Minor, his musical side project, started big, reaching No. 2 with "Where'd You Go" in June 2006. Fans have been asking the same question since then; the band's next biggest hit, "Remember the Name," peaked at No. 66. three months later.

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Samantha Mumba

Irish singer Samantha Mumba rose to No. 4 on the Hot 100 with "Gotta Tell You" in December 2000. The airwaves refused to listen after that; her next-biggest single, "Baby, Come Over (This Is Our Night)" only climbed to No. 49 in June 2001.

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