Artist Of The Year: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

To say

Do you have a single favorite moment from the past year?

The high moment of this year was my Fearless tour. Every night of that tour felt like a celebration. I never expected it to be as successful as it was.

And what about a low point?

[Pauses] I've had a few days -- and everyone has them -- where you feel humiliated or you're shocked by something or something knocks you down a few pegs. But in those moments I've been very quick to realize and remind myself that there are people out there with real problems. To get hung up on any bad moment that happened this year would be unfair to all the good moments I've had this year.

Are there careers that came before you that you tried to learn from?

When I was growing up I didn't watch much kid television. When I was 10 I watched a special on Faith Hill and how she went to Nashville and made it in country music. I watched how Garth Brooks kept his ticket prices low. I watched how Shania Twain was able to be a blend of different genres. I just love what I get to do so much that there's never a moment of my day when I'm not thinking about a certain aspect of it, and there's never a point when I feel like I know all I need to know about the music industry.

Have you had time to write amid all this craziness?

I actually am best writing on the road. I only have time to write the songs that hit me the hardest. Those are songs like "Fifteen" -- that's one I wrote on the road. It hits me and I needed to write it so I found time to write it, whether it's 15 minutes between meet-and-greets or at 4 a.m. If they haunt me throughout my meet-and-greets and interviews, and all I'm playing in my head is this song, then I know I've got something.

I'm well into writing my next album. I think my biggest goal for this next record is to write in real time as I always have. I want to continue to write about things that I'm going through. My first record was my diary from my early teens. My next was my diary from 16 to 18. My biggest hope for this next record is that the feelings I'm feeling right now will be accurately portrayed.

So what's left for you now? Will we see an album next year?

My next goals are to continue on with the Fearless tour. I'd love to be able to perform on the Grammys again. They gave me a unique opportunity last year to perform a song I hadn't even released as a single. Obviously I'll be making my third record. I'll be taking time to make it everything I've got dreamed up in my head so far. I like to have about two years between records -- so possibly next year.