Plain White T's Morph Into 'Ultimate Band'

Plain White T's is teaming with Disney Interactive Studios' (DIS) "Ultimate Band" game for the Nintendo Wii and DS platforms. The group is featured on the Wii version with exclusive videos including an acoustic performance of the single "Natural Disaster" from the its new Hollywood album, "Big Bad World."

A re-recorded version of the band's "Our Time Now" from its 2007 label debut album "Every Second Counts" is also featured in both the Wii and DS games.

"In 'Ultimate Band,' we have more than 30 hit songs for fans of mainstream and independent music," DIS global marketing senior VP Craig Relyea tells Billboard, "but the game's convergence of music is much deeper than the track listing.

"In addition to the creative integration of the Plain White T's music and characters, we worked with Linkin Park's Music for Relief by featuring a MFR charity concert in the game. We also sponsored the charity during their Projekt Revolution U.S. summer tour."

"Ultimate Band" takes gamers on a journey to achieve rock stardom, starting as garage-band beginners and working toward widespread notoriety. Players use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller to become the ultimate "air band" as they perform to more than 30 indie and mainstream hits.

"Our Time Now" allows Wii players to use male or female voices for their own uniquely customized "Frontman." As players progress through the game's garage-to-stardom storyline, they unlock specially designed Plain White T's band characters while performing the song. These characters can then be played during any song throughout the game. On the DS version, players increase their fans by strumming along to the chords on the lead, rhythm or bass guitars, as well as rocking out on the drums.

Plain White T's scored the first No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 for Hollywood with "Hey There Delilah" in July 2007.