Flo Rida Overcomes 'Struggle' For Great '08

Flo Rida is Billboard's No. 1 digital artist for 2008, but despite the accolades, the rapper says he's fueled simply by making great music. "I didn't set out to do any No. 1 records," he tells Billboard. "I just go into the studio and make music that I love."

The MC's single, "Low," has sold 4.4 million digital downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan, making it the top seller in that format for 2008. The track peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 9 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. (For Billboard's Year in Music special section, click here)

Utilizing a robust radio promotion schedule as well as regular behind-the-scenes Webisodes, the Florida native moved swiftly onto the national stage and up the charts.

"I did a lot of radio, locally in Florida, and then other states once the record got more popular," says Flo Rida. "I also did a lot of different little gigs in bigger markets like Atlanta and New York while I was there for radio and that helped."

For the Webisodes, Flo Rida detailed his rise to prominence and toured his Carol City, Fla., hometown, encountering fellow rappers Rick Ross and Brisco along the way. It's all helped the rapper build a huge online following; his YouTube channel is the 82nd most viewed on the site.

Flo Rida is now recording his sophomore Atlantic album, "R.O.O.T.S.," which stands for "Routes of Overcoming the Struggle," and aims to release it by spring. Flo Rida says he's already worked with producers J Rock, Doctor Luke and DJ Montay, who crafted "Low," and will unveil a first single in January.