Pet Shop Boys Discuss New Album 'Electric' in Behind-the-Scenes Video

“Electric,” the latest album from UK synthpop veterans Pet Shop Boys (released July 15 via x2 Recordings) continues the group’s constant stylistic evolution, while keeping an ear towards the newest dance music trends.

In a behind the scenes video, the duo take a look at the making of their latest album.

Work started on the album before 2012’s “Elysium” was even finished. While that record was a more low-key affair, PSB keyboardist Chris Lowe knew that he wanted this album to be “solely aimed at the dance floor.”

“It sounds different from all of our other albums,” vocalist Neil Tennant said. “I think all of our albums have a very strong character of their own.”

The duo employed Stuart Price -- best known for producing Madonna’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor” and Kylie Minogue’s “Aphrodite” – to help shape the album’s personality. “It was a quick, instinctive record to make,” Price said. “But I think that’s because a record normally sounds like the time you have making it and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

Most songs on the album are lengthy affairs and the duo prides themselves on the songs' non-traditional structure. “It’s a real feeling of freedom and something we’d like to do more of in the future,” Tennant said.

The album’s experimentation isn’t limited to the music. “Electric” is the first album of the band’s career to not be released on Polyphone Records. After 28 years with the label, PSB started their own label called x2 Recordings and moved to distributor Kobalt, whose roster includes Prince and New Kids on the Block.

They band is currently on an extensive headlining tour set to make stops in Europe, Asia, and North America through the end of the year. When designing the tour, Lowe said they wanted to make the show’s atmosphere “like being in a really good club.”

Despite being twelve albums and almost thirty years into their career, the duo still feels fresh. Price said that “however many albums in [and] whatever stage they’re at, they still approach the music like they’re making their first album.”