Korn Announces New Album 'The Paradigm Shift'

Sebastien Paquet

Korn will release "The Paradigm Shift," their eleventh studio album, on October 1. The album marks the return of guitartist Brian "Head" Welch, who took an eight-year hiatus to get clean from drugs and find religion. The experience is documented in his 2005 autobiography, "Save Me from Myself."

"With Head back in the fold, all of the elements fans have loved since day one are there, but we're interpreting them from a new perspective," guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer said the band's statement. "It's a bigger, brighter, and bolder Korn."

Welch wasn't the only member battling demons prior to the creation of this record. Frontman Jonathan Davis came into the studio after immediately finishing up a stint in rehab to address his struggles with drug abuse.

"Writing the record was really weird," Davis told Rolling Stone. "I was in a straight haze. I detoxed off that medication -- it was an anti-depressant, the anxiety and stuff. I'd been on it for three years and the doctor told me you gotta get off this, it's bad for you."

The record will be following in the tracks of their 2011 release, "The Path of Totality," which debuted in the top 10 on the Top 200 chart and was named "Album of the Year" by Revolver Magazine.

For its latest release, Korn worked with esteemed producer Don Gilmore in Los Angeles at the legendary NRG Recording Studios in their hometown of Bakersfield.