Justin Bieber Takes 'Piss Break' in Mop Bucket, Yells 'F--k Bill Clinton'

We've learned a handful of things by watching the latest leaked video featuring 19-year-old swagtitioner, Justin Bieber. But first, let's set it up: early on Wednesday TMZ published a smartphone-video taken by one of Bieber's pals showing the singer taking a "quick little piss break" in a janitor's mop bucket.

The episode appears to take place in the basement of a restaurant or club, as a suited gentleman (possibly a bodyguard) stands on the steps, looking head-on at the singer as he relieves himself. According to TMZ, the video was shot in NYC earlier this year.

"You know, you'll forever remember that," a friend declares. "You're not gonna remember him pissin' in the restroom. Like everybody does that."

Bieber is virtually silent throughout the 40-second clip, only making himself audible after he and his entourage ascend the stairs where he comes across a photo of former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Clutching a spray bottle, Bieber spritzes the image and yelps "Fuck Bill Clinton" before the video ends.

To sum up:

  1. If you're a maintenance person at a restaurant, bar, club, hotel or concert venue that is hosting Justin Bieber, be sure to dump out that mop bucket before using it to do your job. Because that's Justin Bieber's piss water.
  2. You didn't think Bieber's saggy diaper britches could sag any further, but there they are.
  3. Justin Bieber is not a fan of Bill Clinton, despite having been a 6-year-old Canadian boy when No. 42 left office.
  4. Turns out Bieber's security detail is required to watch him at all times.
  5. Wild Kidz in this bitch!