Daft Punk Play On As Miniature Action Figures

Daft Punk’s marketing machine has been in hyperdrive this year. There was the buzz-building SNL teaser, a launch party in a remote Australian town, and the robotic tandem stepped-out with their own stylized Formula One car in Monaco.

Most conceivable angles have been covered in the quest to promote their latest album “Random Access Memories.” Most, but not all. Chalk-up another with the release later this year of a range of Daft Punk action figures.

According to Consequence of Sound, the six-inch figures were designed under the French duo's direct supervision and will feature Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo dressed in their fetching “Random Access Memories” outfits.

There will apparently be seven sets of interchangeable hand parts to collect, for purposes of recreating “dynamic posing.”

The miniatures will reportedly be available from Dec. 27 in North America, and pre-orders are already underway. The figurines, which can be seen here, are a good likeness.

It won’t be the first Daft Punk have been miniaturized and cast in plastic. Action figures were released to coincide with the electronic music duo’s 2010 “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack.