Daft Punk Get Luckier With Extended Mix: Listen

Daft Punk

What could be better than Daft Punk’s monster summer hit “Get Lucky”? Try a 10 minute version of “Get Lucky”

The French electronic music masters have dished out an extended version of their crowd-pleasing hit, which clocks in at 10 minutes – some six minutes longer than the original.

The track debuted this week on Daft Punk’s Facebook page. It’s got all the familiar hooks, Nile Rodgers’ funky guitar work and Pharrell Williams’ vocals. Only there’s a whole lot more to soak up.

In a May interview with British DJ Pete Tong, Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter gave some rare insight into their own remix work. “We’re working on some mixes ourselves,” Bangalter told Radio 1 listeners. “So yes, there will probably be Daft Punk mixes of Daft Punk. Usually we never mix ourselves, that’s something we feel we’re interested in doing this time.”

“Get Lucky” is emerging as one of the biggest internationals hit of the year. In the U.K., it crossed the million sales-threshold this week, it’s helped bust records on Spotify and it has peaked at No. 1 in various markets -- including the U.S.

The track is also getting a lot of love from creatives. It’s had the cover-treatment from Wilco, it’s been remixed in 8 bit form, and in recent days a mix was dropped online with President Obama on vocal duties. Australian indie-pop-rock group San Cisco recorded a unique take on the song for the Triple J radio network’s “Live A Version” series.