Cher On 'Closer to the Truth': 'I Took Some Chances on This Album'

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After Cher premiered her new single "Woman's World" on "The Voice" Tuesday, she took some time to discuss the evolution of the music on her album "Closer to the Truth," which Warner Bros. will release on Sept. 24.

"Woman's World," which Paul Oakenfold produced and co-wrote, was the album's starting point.

"Then Pink gave me a beautiful song," Cher told Billboard. "Then Mark (Taylor), the man who produced the 'Believe' album, came up with four great songs. There was a beautiful country song and a song a friend of mine and I wrote for 'Interview with a Vampire' that got turned down.

"It's very eclectic, you know. The songs are good songs that just happen to be together."

"Closer to the Truth" will be her first album since 2002's "Living Proof," which hit No. 9 on the Billboard 200.

"I did a couple things on this album, ventured into places that I haven't gone and I really enjoyed that," she said between posing for photos with Blake Shelton and Carson Daly. "I took some chances on this album and when it turned out to be good, I was pleased."

While NBC touted Cher's "Voice" performance as her first in more than a decade, the singer recalled appearing with Tina Turner five years ago. It was on "Oprah."

"Scary" was the word she used to describe her return to performing on TV. "It's very exciting, makes you feel elated. I like being on it, but I don't like going on it."

And despite having done multiple legs of her "Farewell Tour," Cher winced a little and hemmed and hawed before admitting that might not have been the true farewell. "We're talking about it," she said of a potential tour.