Bono Serenades Warren Buffet at NYC Event

U2 frontman Bono surprised uber-wealthy Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett at this year's Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit Wednesday night with a serenade dedicated to the philanthropist sung in the tune of "Home On The Range."

Bono introduced his rendition as "the Irish version of the Kansas state anthem" and chuckled good-naturedly through rewritten lines like "Home, home on the range. After Warren gave the whole farm away."

Buffett, a noted philanthropist who has pledged to give much his fortune away, was presented this year's Forbes 400 Lifetime Achievement Award for Philanthropy at the company's second annual summit on Wednesday night.

The Irish rocker first met the 82-year-old magnate while seeking advice for how to go about starting up an AIDS campaign he was launching as part of his own grassroots advocacy organization.

The two have since forged a bond which continues to this day as Bono continues to focus on public advocacy with his ONE campaign.

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