Alien Ant Farm, 'Let Em Know': Exclusive Video Premiere

After a seven-year hiatus, veteran alt-rock group Alien Ant Farm has returned with a new single, "Let Em Know," in anticipation of their forthcoming fifth studio album. The quartet behind "Smooth Criminal" is back with a more muscular, synth-laden sound on "Let Em Know," and the new cut has received a cinematic music video, premiering exclusively on

Following the release of 2006's "Up In The Attic," the members of AAF decided to go their separate ways, with bassist Tye Zamora heading to Berklee College of Music, frontman Dryden Mitchell contributing to various rock projects, guitarist Terry Corso playing with Powerman 5000 and and Mike Cosgrove dabbling in production work. When the group reconvened in 2008, Alien Ant Farm performed a series of one-off shows, and began writing and recording new material in a period that would eventually stretch out to four years due to management and label difficulties.

Filmed in Chicago and Riverside, Calif. with director Clint Gregory, the "Let Em Know" music video finds the band involved in an armed robbery in order to capture a mysterious piece of electronic equipment. Soon, there's an Alien Ant Farm takeover -- and the group has succinctly "let em know" that they're back.

"Making this video was exciting in a lot of ways," says Corso, who also produced the clip. "It's the first new sounds and visuals from us in almost seven years. That's a long time to expect people to still give a crap about you, so we definitely wanted to make sure everything was as perfect and interesting as possible."

"Let Em Know" previews Alien Ant Farm's "Always And Forever," due out later this year. What do you think of the group's comeback clip? Share your thoughts below.