Keyshawn Johnson Calls Out Justin Bieber for Reckless Driving

Justin Bieber/Instagram
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Keyshawn Johnson has beef with Justin Bieber, but it's not because of the singer's music.

According to TMZ, Johnson, a former NFL wide receiver, was leaving a Monday evening (May 27) party in Calabasas, California, when he saw the pop star's Ferrari fly by at high speeds. Johnson sped after the car, eventually tracking it down to Bieber's home, where he blocked the Ferrari in the singer's driveway. Eyewitnesses say Johnson confronted the pop star about his driving, but Bieber ran inside his home and refused to come out.

Johnson wasn't the only one to spy a speeding Bieber. TMZ reported that others complained to police about the Ferrari and its operator's erratic driving, causing officers to visit the singer's home in response.

However, it may not have been Bieber behind the wheel at all. A source told Radar Online that it was actually rapper/Bieber bud Tyler, the Creator piloting the Ferrari.

If it was indeed Bieber driving the Ferrari, it wouldn't his first run-in when it comes to driving. He was cited for speeding last July while driving on a freeway in Los Angeles, an incident that resulted in an L.A. city councilman calling for his arrest and the loss of his driver's license. Then in March, the singer got in a spat with a neighbor who complained about Bieber's apparent reckless driving.

There's been no comment on the incident from both Bieber and Tyler.


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