Boards of Canada Release Video of 'Reach For The Dead’: Watch

Boards of Canada aren’t done teasing their fanbase with new material. The Scottish electronic act has released a clip for "Reach For The Dead," the lead track from their forthcoming new album “Tomorrow’s Harvest”.

It’s the most substantial indicator of what its producers, Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin, have been doing with their time since they last dropped a recording seven years ago -- 2006’s “Trans-Canada Highway” EP.

The group’s sizeable fanbase has been drip-fed snippets of music and cryptic clues in recent weeks. Today’s release, however, is part of their reward.

If BoC's followers were hoping for an upbeat treat in the vein of 2005’s “Dayvan Cowboy,” then think again. “Reach for the Dead” finds the act in an experimental, and slightly off-key mode. It’s a haunting track. There’s not a hint of a drum beat until the 2.50 minute mark. But it’s unmistakably BoC.

The tune’s warm, sweeping sounds are a precise fit for the video’s hazy imagery of a mid-west desert and its anonymous, bleak ghost-town.

Warp announced last month that “Tomorrow’s Harvest" would arrive June 7 in Australia (through Inertia), June 10 in the U.K. and Europe, and June 11 in North America.

"Reach For The Dead" was premiered in the U.K. last night by Zan Lowe on BBC Radio 1, while the video got its first airing on a large screen in downtown Tokyo.

The "Japan Times'" Music Editor Shaun McKenna was on the scene in Tokyo, where he Tweeted: "Song was quiet, video was filled with landscapes, when it was done someone yelled, 'Is that it?!'"

It’s a sentiment the sibling producers would hear all the time. The duo don’t make bombastic music. They’ve never dominated sales charts, and they've only ever played publicly on a handful of occasions. But in the world of low-key electronic music, they’re arguably the best at what they do.

A fan-uploaded video of the premiere can be seen here.