George Michael Fell from Car Doing 70 MPH, Eyewitness Says

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George Michael’s career of late has become as notable for its hits as its crashes.

Michael’s latest car accident happened when he fell from a vehicle that was doing 70 mph on the motorway, an eyewitness has revealed.

Driver Katherine Fox tells The Sun newspaper that she was driving behind a silver Range Rover when the British pop singer tumbled from out the passenger door on to the third lane of the northbound carriageway.

She describes Michael as having “a nasty cut on his forehead and the back of his head. There was blood all down his face and on his teeth. He was breathing and conscious but in shock.” His clothes were shredded and the singer was clearly lucky to be alive, she explained.

Following the incident, Michael’s representatives released this statement on May 17: “George Michael was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a traffic accident yesterday evening, no third party was involved. He is being treated for superficial cuts and bruises but is fine. We have no further comment at this time."

Eyewitness have apparently shed more light on the situation. Fox tells the Sun others at the scene say the former Wham singer had tried to open the car door and shut it again because it wasn’t shut properly.

Michael was airlifted to hospital from the incident at the M1’s junction 6A with the M25, and was later treated for cuts and bruises. Police are reportedly investigating.

The British artist has racked-up a convoy of car-related mishaps over the past decade. There were two smashes in 2004, he was spotted hitting three cars while trying to park in 2006, and in 2007 he was handed a two-year ban for “drug driving.” When his license was returned, there was another on-road crash. And then, in 2010, the car he was driving slammed into a photo-processing outlet. After that latter smash, a judge sentenced him to eight weeks in prison after the court heard Michael had taken a “dangerous and unpredictable” cocktail of cannabis and anti-anxiety prescription medication. 

Michael has had a life-threatening pnuemonia scare and last year canned a national tour of Australia citing “major anxiety” and the need for “post traumatic counselling.” Michael’s cancellation came just two weeks before he was due to open the new Perth Arena – a gig which Elton John would slot into.