Taylor Swift Brings the Party Backstage & Onstage at Billboard Music Awards

Taylor Swift performs at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas.

With six Billboard Music Awards already under her belt at the time, Taylor Swift had good reason to be in high spirits for the live TV debut of new single “22.”

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For the half-backstage, half-onstage performance, Swift brought a highly-choreographed rendition of the track to the Billboard Music Awards.

A quick announcement of "Ms. Swift it’s showtime," revealed the country-pop singer in a playful ensemble of silver shoes, black high-waisted shorts and a unicorn t-shirt with the phrase “Haters Gonna Hate” in her dressing room. She kicked off “22” with flamboyantly-dressed dancers joining her as the night went on.

Swift sang the first verse, chorus and second verse of her latest hit (currently at No. 25 on the Hot 100) as she danced atop a tabletop backstage, jumped through a clothes rack and was wheeled around in an office chair. The entire backstage segment of the performance had the same high-quality technical theatrics of the other meticulously-calculated onstage shows.

She gave a high five to Akon before joining up with the “America’s Got Talent” champs, hip-hop dance crew the Jabbawockeez, who escorted her to the BBMA stage. She finished the live rendition with a bunch of red balloons falling from the ceiling—undoubtedly an ode to her latest album “Red” that went on to win “Top Billboard 200 Album” award a few minutes later.

Even if “Haters Gonna Hate”—as her shirt says—it was Swift looking like she was having the most fun performing and, ultimately, dominating the show.