Thieves Grab Cash After Justin Bieber South Africa Concert

photo by Mike Lerner
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s rollercoaster year has just had another twist.

A gang targeting Justin Bieber's May 12 concert at Johannesburg's FNB Stadium have reportedly made off with takings estimated at more than $100,000.

In a scene straight out of a Hollywood heist film, it's thought the thieves may have taken several days to chisel their way through a thick wall at the stadium, before lowering themselves by rope into a room used to store cash.

Officials at the stadium -- also known as Soccer Stadium, the venue of the 2010 World Cup final -- only realized the money was gone on Monday morning (May 13), according to local media reports republished by the BBC.

Bieber has had another year big-business year, but the Canadian pop star has been getting a lot of negative publicity in recent months.

On the European leg of his world tour, he appeared late on stage at London’s O2 Arena – and later apologized to his fans. At a later show in the same venue, Bieber apparently fainted backstage and required hospitalisation.

And then he got in hot water for an ill-advised comment left in the guestbook of the Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam -- a site which remembers a Jewish teenager who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

There’s also been an assault charge, he's been tackled by a fan and his tour bus searched for week. And there's his ongoing “monkey business” in Germany. Bieber reportedly has until Friday (May 17) to submit the paperwork necessary to retain his pet capuchin monkey, which was seized last March in Munich, Germany.

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