Justin Bieber Tackled By Fan At Dubai Concert: Reports

Justin Bieber
photo by Mike Lerner

Justin Bieber

Bieber goes on with the show after a concertgoer rushes on stage and tackles him.

A fan reportedly tackled Justin Bieber on stage at the singer's Dubai concert tonight (May 5).

The National, the government-owned newspaper of Abu Dhabi, reports that a member of the audience rushed the stage during Bieber's Dubai performance at the Sevens Stadium and grabbed the singer before a security team was able to take the person -- described as "a youth in a white shirt and jeans" -- offstage.

Bieber was able to get out of the fan's grip and run safely to the side of the stage, but the piano Bieber had been standing next to when he was tackled was overturned by the stage crasher as security did its work, according to the National.

The newspaper reported that Bieber was able to finish his set after the incident. posted a concertgoer's video capturing some of the onstage chaos:

Justin Bieber's tour recently stopped in Turkey before it arrived in Dubai. "Just chillin with the fellas in Dubai. no big deal. haha," the singer wrote Thursday on Twitter.

The extensive 'Believe' world tour continues with a pair of dates in South Africa next week before coming to North America for a month-and-a-half long run that begins in June.