The Flaming Lips' Coyne Talks 30th Anniversary: Video

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Flaming Lips' 1983 formation -- and with a new album ("The Terror") out in stores, more shows coming and a "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" Broadway show in the works, the band is not exactly resting on its laurels as it enters its fourth decade.

"It's just hard to fathom," Wayne Coyne told Billboard about the Flaming Lips' 30-year run during a release party for "The Terror" last month. "I think you don't ever feel… old. You always just feel like the same person. But I think now it just feels like my personality to really keep this family together. I think that's what it is."

Check out the video above to also hear Coyne's thoughts on the band's upcoming live plans, and click here to watch the Flaming Lips leader discuss his in-the-works project with his fellow pop weirdo, Ke$ha.