Boards of Canada Return with ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’

Boards of Canada are breaking an extremely long drought with confirmation today of a new album, “Tomorrow’s Harvest."

The influential electronic duo, comprising Scottish sibling producers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin, announced their Warp Records effort will land this June -- their first full length album since 2005’s critically-acclaimed “Campfire Headphase” and their first set of new works since 2006’s “Trans Canada Highway” EP.

“Tomorrow’s Harvest" will arrive June 7 in Australia (through Inertia), June 10 in the U.K. and Europe, and June 11 in North America.

Boards of Canada are the most enigmatic of acts. They’ve never dominated any charts -- of their three previous studio albums, their sophomore set “Geogaddi” has the highest U.K. chart peak at No. 21. And they’re not road-hogs. In fact, they’ve only played publicly on a handful of occasions, and never in the past 10 years.

But their recordings-to-date have set the tone for low-key electronic music. Their return to the music world will be rejoiced by a global cult of followers.

Fans had all but given-up hope for any new BoC music. And then a brief comment on Facebook in May 2012 got supporters in a lather. All it took was this question posted to the act's Facebook page, “Rumors of a new BOC album are rife? Any truth in this?," which was followed by the band’s response, "Yes."

Details of the new album release caps a teaser campaign so mysterious it made the TV series “Lost” seem positively linear.

Boards of Canada used the platform of the recent Record Store Day to leak clues for the album, using six-digit codes, new, one-off pieces of music and a vague ad on the Cartoon Network to get word out.

Also, a cryptic Website at has dropped. Fans have completed at least part of the puzzle, unlocking the new video which can be seen below.

Warp, the British label home of such leftfield acts as Aphex Twin, Autechre and Squarepusher, has also published the 17-track line-up for “Tomorrow’s Harvest.”

The tracklisting for “Tomorrow’s Harvest” is below:

01. Gemini
02. Reach For The Dead
03. White Cyclosa
04. Jacquard Causeway
05. Telepath
06. Cold Earth
07. Transmisiones Ferox
08. Sick Times
09. Collapse
10. Palace Posy
11. Split Your Infinities
12. Uritual
13. Nothing Is Real
14. Sundown
15. New Seeds
16. Come To Dust
17. Semena Mertvykh