Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Raided For Weed

Ben Watts

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Justin Bieber's tour bus was searched by police in Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday night (Apr. 25) after an officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. Although unspecified narcotics were found on board, no one will be charged in the matter.

According to the Swedish publication Aftonbladet, a Stockholm policeman detected the smell of weed while Bieber's bus was parked at the city's Grand Hotel, and contacted a narcotics unit when the bus left the hotel to bring Bieber to the Globe Arena for his third of three back-to-back Stockholm shows on Wednesday. The bus was reportedly searched while parked outside of the Globe half an hour after Bieber headed into the arena, when no one was on board.

"We found a small amount of alleged narcotics and an electroshock weapon," says Stockholm police department press officer Lars Bystrom. Although what is assumed to be marijuana, as well as a stun gun, were found on the bus, no charges were made against Bieber or anyone in his entourage, since no one was in possession of the items. "We don't have a specific suspect," Bystrom continued, "there were several people in the bus."

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Following the show, Bieber and co. reportedly made their way toward Helsinki, Finland, where the teen star will perform on Friday night.

Last January, Bieber was caught allegedly smoking marijuana with friends inside a hotel room in Newport Beach. The pop singer, who scored another No. 1 album earlier this year with his "Believe Acoustic" set, posted a mea culpa on Twitter following the incident and made reference to the controversy while hosting "Saturday Night Live" in February.

Since then, Bieber has had a tumultuous few months while on tour in Europe: his pet monkey was detained in Europe, he fainted backstage at a show in London, and he raised eyebrows by saying that Anne Frank would have been a "Belieber."