Cheech & Chong Celebrate Record Store Day Single, 4/20

The duo's glam-rock single 'Earache My Eye' is back in stores this weekend, along with a new movie.

Record Store Day falls on April 20 this year -- so for music fans of an herbal persuasion, stoner icons Cheech & Chong's "Earache My Eye" single reissue, out on green vinyl, may be today's purchase of choice.

"7-inch green, that sounds like my life story," Cheech Marin told Billboard.

The comedy duo were at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony to induct Lou Adler, the group's producer and the director of their 1978 film "Up in Smoke."

"He picks his artists like a good art collector would pick a painting, the best of, and then he gives us his full attention," Tommy Chong said.

The group also has a new big-screen project, "Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie" out this weekend -- one which the duo heartily endorsed.

"There's been reports that seeing 'Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie' has literally cleared cancer," Chong joked.

"Lou Adler will back us up on that," Marin said.

With reporting by Keith Caulfield in Los Angeles.