PSY's 'Gentleman': Too Hot for (Korean) TV

PSY latest video is not receiving a warm reception in his native South Korea.

The clip for "Gentleman," the K-pop sensation's "Gangnam Style" follow-up, has been banned by a South Korean broadcaster because it depicts the abuse of public property, the Associated Press reports. In the video, PSY is seen kicking a "no parking" sign.

State-funded KBS said Thursday that the imagery doesn't meet the network's standards as a public broadcaster. Two spokesman, speaking anonymously, said that other videos have been banned for similar reasons in the past.

Meanwhile, PSY is pelvic-thrusting his way to another viral sensation.

After his debut "Gangnam Style" took the globe by storm, becoming the most-watched video on YouTube with 1.5 billion views, "Gentleman" has already tied the Russian Meteor as the fastest rising video to hit 100 million views – reaching the milestone in just three days, Mashable notes.

In the five days since its release, "Gentleman" has garnered more than 149 million views (at the time of publication) and ranks at No. 12 on Billboard's Hot 100 this week.