Justin Bieber's 37 Million Twitter Followers 53 Percent Fake, Site Claims

Justin Bieber

The website Socialbakers claims more than half of Bieber's Twitter-leading followers are spam accounts.

Justin Bieber continues to break Twitter milestones with his follower count, which is now over 37 million strong -- but fewer than half of those are true Beliebers, the site Socialbakers claims.

The website identifies fake, spam accounts by checking for "genuine tweets," according to the BBC, and giveaway terms such as "diet," "make money" and "work from home."

However, Bieber's not the only star followed by millions of fake accounts. Per Socialbakers, Bieber accurately sits at 17.8 million, lower than Lady Gaga's real count of 19 million; she currently has over 36 million official followers. Bieber passed Gaga as Twitter's official most followed person in January. 

Whether 17.8 or 37 million, his fans are worldwide: Bieber's "Believe" tour continues through Europe this week. He played a sold-out show in Antwerp, Belgium, on Thursday night, his second date in the city.