The Hold Steady 'Figuring Out' New Album, Unveiling New Lineup on Record Store Day Single

The Hold Steady

The indie rock act says it has "almost too much material to choose from" for its next full-length.

This year’s Record Store Day is April 20th, and if you’re a fan of The Hold Steady, then you should definitely partake. Billboard recently caught up with guitarist Tad Kubler, who revealed that in the spirit of this third Saturday of every April tradition, the band is releasing a limited edition, 1,500-copy 7” which features a new song titled “Criminal Fingers” as well as “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – a track that they recorded for an upcoming episode of “Game of Thrones.”

“Steve [Selvidge] – our guitar player wasn’t in the band when we did the last record so we haven’t formally released anything that he’s played on – other than an iTunes session or something like that. Having been away for a few years, we thought this would be a great opportunity to reintroduce the newest version of the band,” explains Kubler.

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” is set to appear in the final scene of the April 14th episode of this season’s “Game of Thrones.” Kubler describes The Hold Steady version as stylistically similar to the band’s earlier material – “think ‘Almost Killed Me/Separation Sunday era.”

In addition to the 7”, The Hold Steady has been working on the follow up to their 2010 release, Heaven is Whenever.

“Right now, we are talking to producers and figuring out how we want to tackle the recording,” says Kubler. “Our last record was our last record with Vagrant so we need to figure out, are we going to do some more records with them? We have a lot of options right now as to how we want to approach the next record and were in the process of figuring that out.”

Kubler divulged that the band has been writing since last June and has compiled a large collection of songs, which they are considering for the album. “It’s almost to the point of having almost too much material to choose from. I’d really like to have some kind of external force come and say, ‘Alright. These songs work well together. Let’s focus on these,’ because otherwise you could be working on 25 songs and it becomes a little diluted.”

The band hasn’t announced a date for the release of their current endeavor but is aiming to complete it in 2013.

“The general consensus may have been that our last record felt like it was maybe rushed a little bit so I know speaking for myself personally, I want to be really careful not to do that – to be like, ‘Oh shit, we need to get a record out and go on tour.’ Going into this, everybody realized that it was going to take as long as it takes,” says Kubler, who assured us that the forthcoming disc will showcase the band’s evolved style. “Since our last record came out, there’s been a lot that has happened. The music will reflect that.”