Daft Punk to Launch New Album at Australian Agricultural Fest

"Random Access Memories" to be played in full four days before its release in rural town of Wee Waa

Daft Punk will be giving a special advance listening of their forthcoming album "Random Access Memories" at an unconventional locale. They've passed on obvious go-to spots like New York, Paris, or Los Angeles and picked the rural town of Wee Waa, New South Wales, Australia.

According to the Herald Sun (and since confirmed by Pitchfork), Daft Punk's new album will be unveiled and played in full at the Annual Wee Waa Show, an agricultural festival held Friday, May 17. In a news story on the fest's official website, which once misspells their name as "Daft Funk," the Wee Waa Show announces:

"This year’s event will be highly anticipated with the announcement of Daft Punk, a French band with millions of fans worldwide, having chosen the Wee Waa Show to become the official global site for the launch of their new album on Friday 17 May 2013."

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According to musicfeeds, Daft Punk picked Wee Waa -- a 2,000-person cotton farming town eight hours outside of Sydney -- because of its array of satellite dishes and the CSIRO Australia Telescope.

Tickets to the Wee Waa Festival go on sale here starting April 12. Members of the Wee Waa Society will get a guaranteed shot at the fest's 4000 tickets.

"Random Access Memories" is due out May 21 via Columbia.