Sarah Brightman, 'Glosoli': Exclusive Song Premiere


Sarah Brightman

Hear the iconic soprano's English-language take on Sigur Ros, her latest from "Dreamchaser"

Sarah Brightman's sung the works of everyone from Diane Warren to James Horner -- now she's turning to Sigur Ros.

The soprano's latest "Dreamchaser" track finds her covering the Icelandic band's "Glósóli," a song from the group's 2005 album "Takk."

Chris Difford of Squeeze contributed the English-language lyrics for the song. Brightman credits the original track's "wonderful landscape" of music -- and Iceland itself -- for inspiration.

"When I asked the band Sigur Ros for permission to do this song in English, they came back and said, 'Why aren't you doing something which is more solo orientated?' And I said: 'The point of it is that you've created a wonderful sort of landscape for me to work from,'" Brightman told Billboard. "It gives one all sorts of emotional feelings and also what it describes to me when I was listening to the song, is where they write from. A lot of the time [it's] from Iceland… It's incredible that feeling that you get from a clear sky."

"Dreamchaser" is due on Simha Records on April 16, her first studio album since 2008's "Symphony." It's available for pre-order now.