The Dear Hunter, 'Migrant': Exclusive Album Premiere

Jonathan Weiner

The Dear Hunter

After winning over fans with thunderous indie-rock concept albums, The Dear Hunter's frontman, Casey Crescenzo, is looking inward for their fifth studio album. The Boston collective's new, introspective full-length effort, "Migrant," is every bit as triumphant and forward-thinking as the band's past work.

Check out an exclusive stream of the forthcoming album here on Billboard before it's April 2 debut.

"Making 'Migrant' was the single most rewarding experience I've had in the studio," Crescenzo tells Billboard. "Initially it was foreign territory."

From The Dear Hunter's 2005 inception to 2009's "Act III: Life and Death," the band's music tells the story of a fictional boy ("the dear hunter") and his journey through life. In 2011, Crescenzo and company followed with another ambitious project,"The Color Spectrum," which interpreted each of the spectrum's seven colors through a four-song EP for each.

On the new recording, Crescenzo admits, "This was the first time I removed any trace of a concept, and spoke clearly and directly from my heart in a way that is almost embarrassingly honest… While there was no theme preconceived, the record as a whole represents my attempt to take a, sometimes painful, look in the mirror. At some point in life, we all have to stop and take stock of who we are, and this record is that moment for me."

"Migrant" (Equal Vision Records) is also important to Crescenzo because it's more of a family affair than ever. The 12-song album features an additional two members of the Crescenzo family, alongside Casey's brother, who's the drummer. His sister, Azia, sings on the chorus of "Girl" and his mother adds backing vocals on "Shame."

The Dear Hunter enjoyed their first appearance on the Billboard 200 with "Act III: Life and Death," which peaked at No. 182 and No. 31 on Independent Albums.