Slash Joins DJ Chuckie, Betatraxx at Ultra Music Festival for Collab Debut

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Slash, DJ Chuckie

Chuckie and Betatraxx debuted their new collab with the ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist live today at Ultra. The two DJs share details with Billboard.

DJ Chuckie unveiled his collaborative track with former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash and Betatraxx today (March 23) by inviting the pair onstage with him at Miami's Ultra Music Festival to perform it live. Just a few minutes before they took Ultra's main stage Saturday afternoon, Chuckie and Betatraxx shared details with Billboard about the song, working with Slash, and why they chose to debut it at Ultra.

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Chuckie says that he plans for the new song, which opens with a Slash guitar solo and features Betatraxx on piano, to be available officially, "but no date has been set for the release." A rep from Big Beat Records confirms that the name of the track will be revealed on Monday (March 25). The release of a live version is also possible, Chuckie says, "but it all depends."

Describing the track as "more like a soundtrack instead of a club song" and "something totally different," Chuckie tells Billboard that he and Slash have, "been working on it for quite awhile, as we had the idea last summer. We finally managed to do it and it was a lot of fun. Betatraxx definitely put his stamp on it as well."

For his part, Slash tweeted soon after the performance that his live Ultra cameo had been "a pretty awesome gig."



"I think [rock] mixes well with house music," DJ Chuckie says. "Slash's wife calls it 'rocktronica.'"

Betatraxx says the idea to premiere the song at Ultra today, "was Chuckie and Slash's grand plan before I was involved. Chuckie and Slash were in the studio and I got a text from Slash... So the next day I was there and at the end of the day it was just me, Chuckie and Slash. They suggested that we premiere it in Miami and that's what happened!"

Chuckie hopes that this collaboration will spawn a new sound and says that he would love to "take it all over the world with Slash."

Betatraxx, meanwhile, shares that he's in talks with undisclosed labels to release his own full album.