Journey's Neal Schon Sues Ex-Mother-in-Law

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Neal Schon, the lead guitarist for the rock band Journey, has filed a federal lawsuit in Minneapolis that accuses his former mother-in-law of libeling him in her blog posts.

The musician says Judy Kozan, the former mayor of Waseca, has "attacked and harassed" him for years through Internet postings and comments in the media. Schon's lawsuit says Kozan suggested that he has failed to support his ex-wife and their two daughters.

"I have never called him a deadbeat dad, and I have never accused him of not making his payments. He makes them religiously," Kozan told the Star Tribune on Tuesday morning. "I don't have money for an attorney so I don’t know how I’m supposed to deal with this. Is he thinking he’ll take my Social Security checks?"

The lawsuit references a Hennepin County family court judge who determined that Schon has exceeded his required payments to his ex-wife, Amber Schon, and their children.

Kozan denies ever mentioning Schon or her daughter in her blog postings. She blames The Daily Mail, a British tabloid, for incorrectly concluding in a February report that she considered her former son-in-law a deadbeat dad.

In their story based on supposed blog postings by Kazan, the Mail said that the former mayor accused Schon of leaving his ex with no money to even buy food for their two daughters.

Kazan told the StarTribune that she had never spoken to the tabloid, adding, "I'd never even heard of the Daily Mail until this story hit."