Status Quo’s Stocks Rise After Aussie Supermarket Commercial Cringe-fest

Veteran British rockers Status Quo are front and center of a new campaign for an Australian supermarket giant that’s so cheesy, you’d expect to find it in the dairy department.

The boogie woogie band has re-recorded and re-worked their classic song “Whatever You Want” for the Coles supermarket group.

In the clip which dropped on local TV this week, the band members are seen hamming it up with their big red hand guitars, replacing lyrics in the chorus of their 1979 hit with lines about Coles’ inventory and their apparently low prices.

Imagine Walmart getting behind a ‘70s rock band, becoming a virtual record label, and then pushing the recordings through the PA in its network of stores, on TV and on radio. That’s what Coles has done with Status Quo in Australia.

It's understood to be the first such campaign of its kind here, where the supermarket is involved in the creative end of a rock 'n roll release.

The project has breathed new life into the band’s career in Australia, opening the doors for them to release a greatest hits here and a seven-date tour beginning March 23 with a performance at Perth’s West Coast Blues n' Roots fest.

Coles is one of the "big two" supermarket chains here (the other being Woolworths), who together have roughly 80% of the market. Coles has more than 740 stores across the country.

It’s the second big ad campaign Status Quo has fronted for Coles. The first “Prices are down” campaign saw the band tweak their song “Down Down,” originally a No. 1 hit in the U.K. back in 1974. The Coles campaign was widely reviled but became the most Googled Australian ad of 2012. The “extended” version of that clip is below: