Steven Tyler Talks Drugs, Bullying on Australian TV

Steve Tyler has admitted blowing $6 million -- at least -- on drugs. The Aerosmith frontman’s confession on Australian television overnight was carefully orchestrated to coincide with the ticket onsale for the band’s tour in these parts.

Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry – the so-called “Toxic Twins” -- both featured in a 14-minute segment on Australia’s “60 Minutes,” shown Sunday night locally on the free-to-air Nine Network.

When asked if he’d blown a rumored $20 million on drugs, Tyler corrected the reporter Liz Hayes. “No realistically, $5 or $6 (million) easily. But (that figure) doesn’t matter. You could also say I snorted half of Peru. But, you know, it’s what we did.”

Tyler shouldn’t have any problems covering the cost of his indulgences. According to his party, the band has shifted more than 150 million albums during its 40 year-plus career.

The feature was more puff-piece than revelation, and the band’s drug and sex-fueled past has already been explored at length. Though the program did carry some notable soundbites.

“The band were druggies dabbling in music, rather than musicians dabbling in drugs,” said Perry, who will join Tyler in the Songwriters Hall of Fame this year. “We could tell, we’d go into the studio and right at the very end , the music wasn’t up to par and our shows weren’t up to par.”

Tyler, who’s on the verge of being inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, recalled the bullying he took as a youngster served as a catalyst for his rock ‘n’ roll career. “I was called terrible names when I was a kid. Pinhead, and n***er-lips, for a white boy who grew up in the Bronx, that’s terrible. Now I’m honored by that,” said Tyler with a laugh. “(I was) beaten up, spit at, (called) queer. So we got a band together.”

On his role as an "American Idol" judge, Tyler says his bandmates were "jealous like hell of me." But his appearance on the show "brought up Aerosmith stock by 270 percent."

In showbiz, timing is everything. As it turns out, tickets for the band’s rare three-date arena tour of Australia went on sale the morning after the TV broadcast.  Aerosmith’s tour of Australia will be the band’s first time in 24 years. Melbourne-based promoter Andrew McManus is behind the dates, which begin starting April 28 in Sydney.

Tickets are priced from Australian $129 ($132) to Australian $199 ($204).