Beck's Sheet Music Project Gets Physical Life

Beck’s sheet music project is coming to life at the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles via performances, visual art and a contest to interpret any of the 20 songs in Beck’s “Song Reader.”

The Beck Song Reader Exhibition opened on Feb. 21 at Sonos Studio with performances of songs by Adam Green and Binky Shapiro, Islands’ Nick Thorburn and Tim Heidecker, Amy Regan and End of America.  They will perform three songs each at an opening night performance.

This media is not available on this platform.The studio where anyone can record their interpretations of Beck's sheet music.

Assembled over the course of two months, the exhibition includes artwork for four of Beck’s Song Reader titles – Sorry,” which is performed on a self-playing piano (Below), “Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings,” “Rough on Rats” and “Eyes That Say I Love You.” A makeshift studio with instruments and a computer offers musicians a chance to record one of Beck’s songs; Beck will give Sonos Play: 3's to the five people who create his favorite versions.

This media is not available on this platform.A piano is programmed to play "Sorry."

"This extends the Song Reader beyond its website and into physical space,” says Sonos Studio program manager Marco Braunschweiler. David Kramer was the curator of the exhibition.

The Song Reader project will be up from Feb. 21 to March 24. Beck’s drummer and bassist, Joey Waronker and Justin Meldal-Johnston, will lead a songwriting workshop on March 1. Beck is expected to attend the opening night party.

Independent publisher McSweeney’s released in December Beck Hansen’s Song Reader, sheet music for 20 songs and more than 100 pages of original art to promote interpretations and recordings. One group, the Portland Cello Project, has already released a full album of their versions.

This media is not available on this platform.Beck's artwork.

At the exhibit, the Sonos Play: 5 will broadcast selected Song Reader performances.

While the Beck show is up, Sonos will be releasing its new Sonos Playbar, a three-foot long speaker designed to enhance audio from television sets. The product was announced last week and will be released March 5.