ATP Looking Far Afield, But Not To the U.S.

All Tomorrow’s Parties won’t be partying in the United States anytime soon. The boutique British festivals brand first made an impression in the U.S. back in 2002 and staged a show as recently as September 2012 with its sister I’ll Be Your Mirror event, which was held in New York.

However, ATP founder Barry Hogan is keen to keep U.S. plans on ice a little longer.

“The market is quite soft there at the moment. It doesn’t seem to be (firing),” he tells “I find it to be an uphill struggle.” caught up with Hogan while he visited Australia this past weekend to stage I’ll Be Your Mirror’s inaugural two-day event in Melbourne. The outdoor show featured the likes of reunited British shoegazers My Bloody Valentine and German industrial pioneers Einstürzende Neubauten, and was a sell-out, according to organizers. ATP  staged a three-leg tour of Australia in early 2009, but it wasn't a money-spinner and the show hadn’t returned here since.

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Hogan last year sold 50% of his company to Britain’s live empire MAMA Group, and now the promoter has his sights set on establishing ATP and I’ll Be Your Mirror – a curated live show which doesn’t have a camping element -- in a handful of new markets.
“We’re thinking we might just leave America for a while and wait for things to get a little better returning there," Hogan notes. "And to be honest, we’ve done so many events there. There are so many other exciting places in the world to do things that in NYC. I’d rather look at South America and Europe, to be honest. Or more things in Australia.”