Azealia Banks Calls 'Harlem Shake' Artist a Gay Slur, Reignites Beef With Perez Hilton

Brooke Nipar

Azealia Banks reignited her Twitter beef with blogger Perez Hilton -- after starting a new one with "Harlem Shake" musician Baauer -- on Thursday night by calling each the gay slur that got the outspoken rapper into trouble last month.

Banks, who started off the year by branding Hilton a "messy faggot," initially took to Twitter to respond to Baauer, who tried to block her remix of his surprise hit "Harlem Shake." She responded to the Mad Decent artist by calling him a "pussy" and stating that he doesn’t "belong in hip-hop."

'Harlem Shake': The Making of Baauer's Viral Hit

After musician Brillz wrote that they were "too busy making tunes for u to steal tho," the Harlem native fired back, "you guys are all fagots… May you drown in faggotry."

It was then that Hilton jumped into the ring, writing, "Classy as always! How does it feel to be better known for all your trash-talking than your music, Azealia? #TeamBauuer." After going back and forth, she wrote an unpublishable dig at Hilton that included the word "faggot" and later followed with the homophobic epithet once more.

Banks, who came under fire from GLAAD in early January, ended her Twitter rampage with a few tweets addressing those who were offended by her using the word. "Here we go again. Everyone pretending to be so shocked and moved by the word faggot," she wrote. "It's like society is so bored with itself it needs to hold on to these outdated rules of what you can say and cannot say. Why has society accepted 'nigger' As a colloquialism ... But will not accept 'faggot'? Everyones always acting like its fucking 1905 in this bitch."

The Interscope signee is currently prepping the release of her oft-delayed full-length debut "Broke With Expensive Taste," which is currently without a release date.