Nico Vega Bring 'Fury' on New EP, Release 'Lightning' Video

David Myrick
Nico Vega

Aja Volkman may have recently had a baby with her Imagine Dragons husband, Dan Reynolds, but that isn't stopping her from touring. The Nico Vega singer is in the process of packing up the couple's five-month-old baby, Arrow, and hitting the road.

"I'm taking my daughter on the road with us. Please don't judge me," joked the spunky songstress in a recent interview with Billboard. "We have a close family friend who is going to come to help us out. She is ready to get out of town for a while and it's really a perfect set up," she added.

The Imagine Dragons/Nico Vega North American tour officially kicks off on Feb. 8 in Tempe, Ariz. and will also feature Atlas Genius on the bill.

Watch "Lightning"

As far as tour prep, Volkman says it's business as usual -- except for the fact that she had to get a passport for her infant. "It's really funny because she had to sit on this stool and I had to hold her and they took a picture on her. It's the weirdest thing ever when you have a passport and you're flipping through and it's a bald baby in the picture -- and it doesn't expire until she's 10 years old!"

Nico Vega will release their latest EP, "Fury Oh Fury," on Feb. 5. Volkman considers the forthcoming release a "sneak peak" to their band's second studio album, which is due out this spring.

"We worked really hard on this record over the past few years and it's really a personal record. We decided to release a bunch of songs off it for the EP to notify people that we're back in the game and to get people excited about the record," she explains.

The five-track EP features a variety of "rock driven" songs including, "Beast," the band's personal anthem that will soon be featured in television advertisements for video game, BioShock Infinite.

"Beast' " was on our first record. It was the last track and it's always the song that we've closed every single show with. It's the heart of what Nico Vega is about. It's a chant for the people; it's a fist pumping song full of love, integrity, standing up for what you believe in, and championing your neighbor. It's a song that always gets us in the mood and always gets us excited," says Volkman.

"Fury Oh Fury" will also include "Lightening," a love song on which Volkman and the band collaborated with She Wants Revenge

"The chord structure came from Justin Warfield. It's a little more of a standard chord progression than we're used to writing, which I think is good for Nico Vega -- to be pushed in a direction to do something that is a little bit less obscure. We love writing together as a trio but bringing people in to bounce ideas off of is so fun for me. It keeps things really fresh for us."