Goo Goo Dolls Cheer Up With 'Rebel Beat'

Kurt Iswarienko

John Rzeznik talks "Rebel Beat," the first single from upcoming album "Magnetic" ... Watch the official lyric video here

The cheerful, exuberant tone of the new single "Rebel Beat" is indicative of what the Goo Goo Dolls had in mind for their upcoming 10th album, "Magnetic," according to frontman John Rzeznik.

"I just wanted to have fun making a record without a lot of pressure," Rzeznik tells Billboard. "The headspace I've been in has been really, really great. Obviously this is much more positive than the last record (2010's 'Something For the Rest of Us'); I think I needed to make that record, but this one is just a lot more fun, a lot more positive and upbeat. It was a great experience." Check out the song's official lyric video premiering exclusively on Billboard:

Rzeznik and his bandmates -- bassist Robby Takac and drummer Mike Malinin -- employed a markedly different method in making "Magnetic." The group worked with four producers -- Gregg Wattenberg, John Shanks, Rob Cavallo and Greg Wells -- recorded in New York, Los Angeles and London over the course of nearly 11 months; Rzeznik says he's even working on another song that may even be finished in time for "Magnetic's" May 7 release.

"We'd write one song and finish one song at a time and see how it turned out and move on instead of having a big pile of songs all demoed out and then go into the studio for months," Rzeznik explains. "So I didn't feel a ton of pressure to complete this massive project. I was just writing songs and completing them, so I think the mood was a lot lighter and we wound up having a lot more fun."

Rzeznik didn't hesitate to use the producers as co-writers, either. "I really wanted to expand and learn from other people who are amazing at songwriting," he notes. "They brought some really fresh perspective to my writing."

"Rebel Beat" is a collaboration with Wattenberg, built from a rhythm idea. "I was playing this great old guitar that had kind of a (Led) Zeppelin tone to it," Rzeznik recalls. "I started playing this real sort of basic kind of riff, and we just went form there and then started burbling out lyrics."

The final lyrics, Rzeznik says, were inspired by being in New York and walking around the Little Italy and Chinatown districts. "They had this street closed off and a huge party going on," he remembers. "I was thinking, 'I love this! I want to be part of this!' So basically it turned out to be a song about celebrating everything and (saying) no matter what, you've got to have fun. that's really it."

Rzeznik is currently on a promotion tour for "Rebel Beat," while tour plans to support "Magnetic" are currently being considered. Rzeznik says the group has "a really good offer" for a summer package he can't yet reveal, but in one way or another he says the Goos will be playing live during the spring, summer and probably beyond. "That's us; we just slog it out there on the road until we've wrung out every city we can get to and they're like, 'Oh my God, don't come back any more!' " he says with a laugh. "But that's what we do. We always stay out on the road."