Lady Gaga Has 'A Lot of Work Left' on 'ARTPOP,' Producer Says

Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' Album Will Be an Interactive App

Lady Gaga announced her new album back in August, but producer Zedd says "ARTPOP" is still a work in progress.

"We've been working on it for over a year now," he told MTV News. "There's still a lot of work left, so we're definitely gonna work on this project for the next month."

Gaga's been busy with the North American edition of the Born This Way Ball tour and its accompanying Born Brave bus, which she's using to offer free mental health counseling to her fans on the road.

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"Hundreds of people came to the #BornBraveBus yesterday, so much great work done already. So proud of monsters for showing up, that is brave," she tweeted on Jan. 15. The tour, which just completed a two-night run in Los Angeles, will keep her on the road until March 20. 

In September, Gaga promised the set would be a "multimedia experience," powered by iPad, phone and computer apps. Longtime collaborator RedOne is also set to be involved in the project, though the "Poker Face" producer hasn't joined the singer in the studio.

"We've been sending ideas back and forth," he previously told MTV News. "My intent is the same thing: make history. If we don't feel like this is part of history again, we're not going to do it."