Soundgarden Expect More Albums Coming: 'There's Nothing Stopping Us'

Soundgarden Shares 'Been Away Too Long' Video, 2013 Tour Dates: Watch

Soundgarden Shares 'Been Away Too Long' Video, 2013 Tour Dates: Watch

"I don't see any reason why not," Chris Cornell tells Billboard when asked if "King Animal" will receive a follow-up.

More than two years into Soundgarden's reunion, frontman Chris Cornell is confident that the Seattle group is indeed a going concern again and is looking forward to making more music in the future.

"I don't see any reason why not," Cornell tells Billboard. "I think the overall attitude about keeping it going and the way we want to treat it to keep it going is really good. There's nothing stopping us from continuing to make records and continuing to play shows, that's for sure." And though "King Animal," Soundgarden's first new album in 16 years, is just over two months old, Cornell notes that "every time we're in a room we're coming up with something new" -- though it's premature for discussions about another album.

"We had a good experience making this album," he adds, "and since we've come back together everything has been kind of that way. There hasn't really been any of the tension, specifically surrounding peripheral stuff. And I think that's a simple as us making the conscious decision to not be influenced by anything other than what the four of us want to do and not putting a business version of a timeline on it. Our attitude is that we're doing this because we love it and because it matters to us and not for any other reason, and everything else kind of takes care of itself."



Soundgarden is in the midst of a North American tour that wraps Feb. 17 in Los Angeles, after "King Animal" debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 in November. Cornell and his bandmates have been pleased with the reception to the new songs and how easily it's blended in with Soundgarden's older material.

"I'm not sure I really comprehended how different these songs are than some of the other things we've done," he says. "We're playing them mixed in with songs that were anywhere from 13 to 23 years old, and that felt really great. We've never been a band that stared out trying to figure out what our specific idea, musically, was and repeat that. We've always been reaching, and we're still doing that, and it was really evident when we started mixing in new songs with the old songs on the contest of a rehearsal and a show."

Soundgarden is expected to announce more live dates for 2013, but those will be coordinated with drummer Matt Cameron's continuing responsibilities to Pearl Jam. Meanwhile, Cornell says he's happy with the return of another iconic Seattle group, Nirvana, via its collaboration with Paul McCartney on the song "Cut Me Some Slack" for Dave Grohl's new "Sound City" documentary. "I think it's really great," Cornell says. "The first time I heard about it, it all made perfect sense to me. I think it really works."


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