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Cassadee Pope's Vision for Album: Edgy, Mature With a Lil' Blake Shelton

Cassadee Pope's Vision for Album: Edgy, Mature With a Lil' Blake Shelton

'The Voice' Finale Seen by 14 Million Viewers, Up 18% From Season 2

Cassadee Pope begins her post-"Voice" career tonight (Dec. 19) with an appearance on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" and heads to New York to appear on the "Today" show on Thursday.

Pope was crowned the winner of the third season of NBC's "The Voice" on Tuesday on a show that was watched by 14 million viewers, according to Nielsen. The finale was up 18 percent from the season two closer and up 11 percent in the 11-49 demographic (6.27 million viewers). These are the top "Voice" numbers since March 12.

FULL STORY: Cassadee Pope Wins 'The Voice' Season 3

Her style leaned toward the pop side of country, but her background was in pop-rock as lead singer of the former Columbia Records act Hey Monday. She said there is no one out today who personifies the type of music she would like to record on her album for Universal's Republic label, but she took a shot at explaining her intention.

"If you were to take Taylor Swift, make it edgier with a just a little hint of country and make the lyrics a little more mature, that would be the direction I'd like to take," Pope told Billboard.

She said she has already asked her coach on the show, Blake Shelton, to be a part of her album, to which he said "I would pay her to be on her record. I wish I could scientifically describe what it is about her, but I can't explain it - she's just one of those people destined to be a star."

In the finale, Pope performed with Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne, two singers she has said she looks up to. During her run, Pope covered Lavigne, but it was her version of a Shelton/Miranda Lambert tune, "Over You," that put her on the road to crown.

That performance, Shelton told us, "was when things changed. As her coach and her, as a girl that's talented and smart, we asked why do you think that (response) happened? I said 'Cassadee you have a gift for telling a story and making people feel something.' You can't teach somebody that. When you give her a melody and lyric, you feel it in your heart. Our mission was then to find the songs so she could be that person week after week. Hell, I guess we did it."

Terry McDermott, a native of Scotland based in New Orleans, came in second. He said he would return to Louisiana and get back to working on his music, collaborating with musicians who were part of his circle prior to the show as well as new ones.

Third-place finisher Nicholas David will return to his new home in Minnesota and spend some time with his family. He has a solo album that was near completion before he joined the competition that he intends to wrap soon. His goal is to continue to perform live in the Minnesota area, hopefully getting into larger clubs and theaters.

For Pope, the victory returns her to a major label after working the indie circuit in the year prior to "The Voice's" start in the summer. At 23, she feels more prepared than the first time she stepped into the world of the majors.

"Being on a major label you have to pick your battles -- some things you have to compromise and some things you have to put your foot down on," she says. "I know what important things are - I will never compromise my look, my lyrics; I would love to experiment a little with my sound.

"I have learned that if I feel really strong about something I shouldn't be pushed around because that happened with the band and we didn't break like we wanted to. I'm not saying it's all the label's fault, but there are certain things you have to stick to."